Lifestyle Choices

How you live your life should be aligned with your goals, what brings meaning to you, and your values.  If your life is at odds with your beliefs and values you will never feel good about yourself. You will never acquire that inner calmness that defines people leading a life of congruence and balance.

What you do with your time and who you surround yourself with will define the quality of your Third Age. Many people eagerly anticipate the time when they can throw out the alarm clock for good, but how many people think about how they are going to spend their time in a way that creates lasting satisfaction?

It’s easy to waste time if you don’t have a plan or don’t’ quite value your time. But wouldn’t you rather get the most bang for what most likely will be your next 8,000 days in retirement?

A healthy lifestyle happens in the context of the environment you are in. Your environment is more than just where you live. It is also who you surround yourself with. Maintaining strong social connections is a key component of your overall well-being. The value of your social network goes up over time.

Your life happens day by day.  Your daily habits and behaviors need to be aligned with your desired lifestyle. For most people, leaving the structure of their primary career behind involves a significant transition. New habits and behaviors need to be developed which are often a big stumbling block for people entering their Third Age.

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