Activities & Learning

Most people enter their Third Age excited about their next phase in life, but without much of a plan for what they will do with their new found freedom from the day to day requirements of their career.  For many the transition is challenging as replacing the 8 to 10 hours previously spent working proves a lot more difficult than simply playing golf and catching up on some reading.

Finding fun activities to fill your day may seem easy at first but, in reality, many people find losing the structure of having a full-time job difficult to deal with. Sitting on a couch for re-runs of Friends and Seinfeld gets old after a couple of days as does any other activity done in excess.

Appearing busy is easy, but are you spending your time on activities that you find meaningful and enjoyable? Or, are you just waiting it out until a dose of inspiration hits you?

Sure, lots of leisure sounds like fun at first, but do you want to spend your Third Age just chilling? For some people that is enough, but many others crave something new and different. New experiences, hobbies, adventures and challenges.

Many people entering their Third Age want to continue working in some capacity. Maybe they want to use the skills and experiences gained over their career for the benefit of a social cause important to them. Maybe they wish to start a new business which could be a related to something in their past or something entirely new.  The work can be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. It all depends on what you are looking for. You make up the new "work rules".

Finding the appropriate balance for you between leisure, learning, new experiences, and work will go a long way toward creating a meaningful and fulfilling Third Age.

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