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Monthly Budget Template: A good template to start your budget from

Retirement Calculator: A comprehensive post from Financial Mentor, with links to several recommended retirement calculators.

A List of the Best Retirement Calculators: Great summary of the best 24 retirement calculators on the web, maintained by Darrow Kirkpatrick.

Are You Saving Enough To Retire? A great spreadsheet from Money For The Rest Of Us to determine how much you need to save now to retire by your target date.

Compound Interest Calculator: An easy way to see the future value of your portfolio.

Vertex Excel Templates for Anything: An amazing site, with Excel & Google Sheet templates for budgeting, retirement, and practically anything else you can imagine. Have a look, great site.


Paladin: Looking for a financial advisor?

Interesting Web Resources: A good site to get the best CD rates, also calculators & articles. A free internet tool that categorizes your expenses, good for budgeting. A great tool to track your portfolio, net worth, asset allocation. – Expected 10-year Returns by Asset Class.

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