Our Concept

We look at life as a series of transitions from the time we are born to the time we leave this earth.
The key idea is that life is generally broken down into four main ages.

First Age

The First Age spans 20 to 25 years from the time we are born until early adulthood. We spend this time learning about the world as well as learning about ourselves. We take many clues from our family and our world view takes shape. It’s the age of preparation for what is to come later on in life.

Second Age

The Second Age is where we spend most of our living years typically 30 to 40 years. It's when we mature as a person and start using our skills and experience to advance in our careers. It is also the time when most people start families. It's a period of accumulation – skills, family, career, savings and experiences.

Third Age

The Third Age – the focus of Retire With Possibilities – is the age of fulfillment. No longer are career advancement, financial gain and child rearing the main focus of our lives. We are now exploring what to do with our freedom and have the ability to do what we find interesting and purposeful as our time commitments wind down. This phase of life typically lasts 20 to 30 years.

Fourth Age

The Fourth Age begins when our health starts declining in a significant way. No longer are we able to do many of the things that we had previously taken as granted.  We see the end line and start preparing. It's the age of completion of anything we have left undone in our life. This phase in life may be short-lived, or last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Baby Boomers consciously design their own journey into the Third Age by sharing thought-provoking ideas, resources and tools in all aspects -financial as well as non-financial – affecting the quality of our experience.

After many years of working and maybe raising a family you are at, or very near the finish line.

No more work deadlines, early morning meetings, and grueling business trips.

You can’t wait for the moment when your time is all yours and you can really start enjoying your life again.

It all sounds so wonderful until you realize that leaving your career behind also means no more paycheck and health care plan, no more fun dinners with colleagues on the road, and no more highs from a job well done.

You thought that transitioning into retirement would be a breeze, but now you are less sure.

You feel a bit torn about giving up your work life.

You have started questioning if you have enough money saved up, and also what you are going to do all day long.

You feel anxiety and indecision creeping in.

Everything seems so complicated and, while looking forward to retirement, you no longer know what to expect

You know that you can’t expect your parent’s retirement.

You don’t really want that lifestyle, but what do you want instead?

You still feel vibrant and at the top of your game.

Why settle for watching countless hours of TV and every Wednesday night playing shuffleboard?

You want your life to matter and to enjoy the journey. 

About Me

My name is Eric J. Weigel and I am the founder of Retire With Possibilities. I am a Baby Boomer myself wrestling with all the same issues that you have.

About 10 years ago I thought that I was well on my way to a happy retirement after my working days as an investment manager were over. Well, as they say, life has funny ways of intervening, and my life was turned upside down.

I got divorced after a 23-year marriage, moved out of the house we had just remodeled, and on top of all that, the Financial Crisis wiped my job away.

The experience made me look deep within and made me think about my life beyond career and raising a family. Not that those things were not important anymore, they were just different.


I started thinking about having more adventure in my life again. I started thinking more seriously about my finances, how to stay in better shape and hobbies that I once had such as gardening. I began exploring new lines of work that could bring me more fulfillment.


In sum, I started thinking about all the issues that our generation is facing as we approach our post-career lives, or as we call it, the Third Age.


We would love to be part of your journey into the Third Age

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Let our goal be not only living longer, but living fully for longer!

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