I inspire high-achieving professionals ready to retire to use their time, energy and money to create a happy and fulfilling next stage in life

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From Career Peak to Retirement Dip – Money Alone Won’t Save You”

Most high achieving professionals look forward to retirement as the day when they can finally let their guard down and spend more time having fun, but what they never anticipate is that within a few short months excitement often turns into feeling lost, bored, confused, and even anxious about their next phase in life. 

In this session high achieving professionals will learn the 3-step process to prepare for a successful transition into retirement that goes beyond just being financially set. 


The Richness Within - Finding True Wealth in Your Next Phase in Life

In this engaging and enlightening speech, I dive into the multifaceted aspects of true wealth beyond just money, uncovering the secrets to a fulfilling retirement. By focusing on key areas such as health, relationships, meaning and purpose, and personal growth, I provide practical insights and actionable steps for attaining a truly rich and rewarding retirement.

Attendees will leave inspired, armed with the knowledge to cultivate a life of profound happiness and satisfaction, while embracing the true essence of wealth that lies within.


From Balance-Obsessed to Blissfully Spent - Mastering the Art of Responsible Retirement Withdrawals

Eric will guide you through a transformative journey, helping you shift from a savings-obsessed mindset to embracing responsible and joyful retirement withdrawals.

Learn the secrets to building a solid financial foundation and mitigating longevity risk. Discover how to align your spending with your personal values and aspirations, and unlock the key to a purposeful and enjoyable retirement.

In this workshop you'll get over your fear of spending the money you so diligently saved. You'll learn to how to effectively allocate your money to causes and activities that bring joy and meaning to your life. 


Comprehensive, engaging, and forward-looking is how I would characterize Eric Weigel and his speaking style. He is a respected thought-leader in the retirement industry and with a combination of research, personal stories, and industry knowledge, delivers beyond expectation. 

Bob  Laura, Founder Retirement coacxhes association

Eric is a leading authority in the retirement coaching profession—helping people make the transition into retirement. He is one of the few coaches who combines deep expertise in the financial side of retirement with the ability to speak clearly about the non-financial issues faced by retirees.

Kevin D Lyles, Head of education at Rock retirement club

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Speaker Bio

Eric is a 30+ year investment professional and retirement coach who passionately believes in everyone's ability to create a happy and fulfilling life in retirement. 

He prides himself in his ability to connect the dots weaving in his own personal experiences as a Baby Boomer with research-based findings in the fields of investments, personal growth and positive psychology.

Despite his background as a highly sophisticated and quantitative investment manager,  Eric does not believe that's its all about numbers and calculations, but rather how to use money effectively and in a manner that brings joy and meaning to everybody's life.