Healthy Living

Wealth without health is meaningless. We all know that. A prerequisite to living well and enjoying our Third Age is staying healthy.

Staying healthy involves doing anything in our power to keep our physical engine running smoothly (eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, being proactive with any ongoing health issues) as well as keeping a positive and agile mindset.

The benefits of staying physically and mentally active are well known. Less understood are the benefits of adopting a flexible approach to life and being resilient when the inevitable road detours appear out of nowhere.

Keeping ourselves and our loved one’s in the best physical and emotional shape possible represents a key component of our overall life wealth. Being healthy allows us to maximize our freedom and enjoyment. It puts our relationships with family on a higher level. After all who doesn’t want to rough house with young grandchildren or at the very least kick the ball around the backyard?

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