Our Concept

We look at life as a series of transitions from the time we are born to the time we leave this earth.
The key idea is that life is broken down into four main ages.

First Age

The First Age spans 20 to 25 years from the time we are born until early adulthood. We spend this time learning about the world as well as learning about ourselves. Our view of the world is shaped by the social context in which we are raised. We learn how to navigate through life. It’s the age of preparation for what is to come later on in life.

Second Age

The Second Age is where we spend most of our living years typically 30 to 40 years. It's when you mature and start using many of your skills to advance in your career. It is also the time when most people start families and begin to understand what being an adult is all about.  Its the age of accumulation – skills, family, career, savings and experiences.

Third Age

The Third Age – the focus of Retire With Possibilities – is the age of fulfillment.  No longer are career advancement, financial gain and child rearing the main focus of our lives. We are now exploring what to do with our freedom and have the ability to do what we find interesting and purposeful as our time commitments wind down. This phase of life typically lasts 20 to 30 years.

Fourth Age

The Fourth Age marks the age of completion of anything we have left undone in our life.  It typically starts once our health declines in a significant manner and the end of life is in sight.  This phase may be short-lived or last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.  The focus in this stage is that of acquiring peace of mind and leaving the type of legacy to the people we love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals fully enjoy their Third Age by providing helpful information on all key aspects of retirement.

We want individuals to take advantage of their new found freedoms and do what matters to them whether that is exploring a new place abroad to live, start a new yoga or pilates routine, volunteer at their church or local community center, whatever you want to spend your time on.

Our goal is to provide information to allow you to make better decisions. In some cases, maybe our content will stimulate some ideas or thoughts that you might not have had before. The Third Age is all about exploration and finding new experiences. It is time to get moving again!

Who we are

My name is Eric J. Weigel and I am the founder of Retire With Possibilities. In my late 40’s I went through some tough personal times which made me think about where my life was heading. I discovered that I had for too long been focused on providing for my family without really thinking about what I wanted out of life.

When my personal circumstances changed and the path that I thought I was on was no longer a reality I started thinking about the next stage in my life beyond a career and child rearing.

I started thinking about living abroad again. I started thinking about my finances more seriously. I started thinking about how to stay in better shape. I started thinking about hobbies that I once had that had somehow disappeared as I became an adult. In sum, I started thinking about all the issues that our generation is facing as we approach our Third Age.

I see myself as an individual with many interests and aptitudes. Sometimes I think that is confusing but for now my day job is that of a wealth manager helping mostly baby boomer with retirement issues. I write on a number of topics involving all issues surrounding retirement.

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